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UNEOS represents an Australian technology team excited about demonstrating the transformative power of cloud storage solutions.

Our strategic storage options are designed to optimise your data management, providing you with a competitive edge that is scalable, secure, and cost-effective.

We’re propelled by an unwavering drive for achieving remarkable results and delivering outstanding service.

Our client-centric approach encourages us to push boundaries, go the extra mile, and offer solutions that surpass expectations. We imagine a world where data storage is no longer a constraint, but a catalyst for growth.

  • We understand that it can be challenging to scale efficiently.
  • We know how expensive it can be managing traditional storage infrastructure.
  • We understand that you need integration flexibility with the platforms and applications you rely on.
  • We understand your need for an easier way to manage data, without the labor intensive requirements of traditional storage options.
  • We know how valuable your data is to the business, and how important it is to be protected.
  • We understand the value of data sovereignty for your business and in choosing an Australian technology partner.
  • We get how accessible your data needs to be especially for remote and mobile work teams.

UNEOS performs consistently, no matter your data volume, helping you break free from scaling limitations.

UNEOS delivers value that goes beyond just cost-saving. With lower upfront costs and a pay-as-you-grow pricing model, you can focus your resources on driving innovation rather than managing storage infrastructure.

UNEOS provides flexibility for the future technology provisions of your business and streamlined data management. With UNEOS, you can rest assured your data is safeguarded with built-in redundancy and easy replication.

Your data should also be there for you, wherever you are. Unlike traditional SANs, UNEOS offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to access your data from anywhere, to enable your increasingly distributed workforce with the power of anywhere-accessibility.

With UNEOS, your data is not just stored, but intelligently organised and easily accessible.