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Blox - Dependable Block Storage, Redefining Performance
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Rev Up Your Data Access
Think lightning-fast, high-octane data retrieval and processing. That's what our advanced block storage solution delivers, priming your essential applications for optimal efficiency and productivity.
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Superpower Your Workloads
Give your virtual machines, databases, and other I/O-hungry tasks the boost they need. With Uneos, you're not just managing those demanding tasks, you're dominating them.
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Ramp Up Storage Efficiency
Our smart features like data deduplication, compression, and thin provisioning don't just optimise storage use and cut costs, they do it without breaking a sweat on performance.
Keep Business Rolling
Downtime? Not on our watch. With our robust data protection and disaster recovery capabilities, including snapshot, cloning, and replication, your business resilience is not just ensured, it's empowered.
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Smooth Integration & Management
Our block storage solution plays nice with your existing infrastructure, offering intuitive management tools and APIs to streamline operations and maximise convenience.

Use Cases

UNEOS offers limitless expansion capabilities with our block and object storage solutions. Our enterprise-grade block storage delivers low-latency and high IOPS
Experience Simplified Data Management: BLOX, Your Gateway to Easier Cloud Storage
We understand that you need to ensure consistent high-speed access to your data, maintaining system uptime, and that minimising latency are paramount to avoid issues that can significantly impact your business's operations, customer satisfaction, and ultimately, the bottom line.
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Tailor Your Performance & Capacity
Get the perfect fit for your unique needs with our flexible, tiered storage options. We've got something to suit every workload and every budget.
Safeguard Data Sovereignty & Compliance
As an Aussie-owned and operated provider, we take data security and compliance seriously. Rest easy knowing your data is secure and compliant with industry regulations.
Reliability & Local Support You Can Count On
Our dedicated local team is always at the ready, ensuring your block storage solution operates at peak performance and your organisation stays one step ahead. Always.

Kickstart Your Journey with UNEOS: Grab 1TB of Storage, On Us!

Immerse yourself in the realm of effortless data management with our complimentary 1TB cloud storage offer. It's your risk-free chance to discover the game-changing potential of our superior cloud storage solutions. No strings attached.

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UNEOS represents an Australian technology team excited about demonstrating the transformative power of cloud storage solutions. Our strategic storage options are designed to optimise your data management, providing you with a competitive edge that is scalable, secure, and cost-effective.
Bulletproof Data Security & Privacy
We equip our storage solutions with robust security measures, including best-in-class encryption, both in transit and at rest. Your data's safety is our priority, and we're devoted to maintaining compliance with stringent data privacy regulations.
Growth & Scalability, unleashed
Ever felt shackled by the boundaries of your traditional SANs when trying to scale your data storage? With Uneos, you can easily adjust to your growing data needs without the hassle and cost of procuring additional hardware. Think bigger, scale smarter.
Flexibility & Cost Effectiveness
Are the costs of maintaining and expanding your SAN beginning to outweigh the benefits? With our lower upfront costs and a pay-as-you-grow pricing model, you can focus your resources on driving innovation rather than managing storage infrastructure.
Top-Tier Performance & Durability
When it comes to data volume, more shouldn't mean slower. Our cloud storage ensures your data-intensive applications continue to perform at top speed, even as your data grows. Say goodbye to performance drop-offs and embrace lightning-fast, consistent data access.
Homegrown Excellence & Tailored Support
Think world-class block and object storage solutions, provided by a dedicated local Australian based team that's committed to delivering personalised, robust support. We're here for you, always.
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Smooth Integration & Interoperability
Our storage solutions blend seamlessly with your existing platforms and applications, letting you leverage your current IT investments and enjoy a unified, efficient system. chart
Simplify Data Management
Leverage our automated data lifecycle management, policy-based tiering, and user-friendly interface to streamline your data management and propel your business forward.
Smart Performance Tiering
Our innovative tiering matches your data with the most cost-effective storage tiers based on your performance needs. Strategise your storage for optimal performance and cost efficiency.