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Imagine LifeCare Health,

a nationally recognised hospital network offering a broad spectrum of medical services. Among their specialties is advanced medical imaging—handling a growing influx of high-resolution MRIs, CT scans, and digital pathology slides daily. However, their legacy storage system is struggling to keep pace with the increasing data demands, causing delays and inefficiencies in crucial medical services.

That's when they turn to Uneos Block Storage.

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High-Performance Access:
LifeCare's physicians often need immediate access to specific images for diagnosis and treatment plans. The low-latency, high-throughput nature of block storage ensures rapid, seamless access to these critical data sets.
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Scalability on Demand:
As LifeCare's imaging data repository grows, so does their need for more storage. With Uneos' scalable Block Storage, they can effortlessly expand their storage capacity as needed, avoiding costly hardware overhauls.
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Data Protection and Compliance:
Healthcare data comes with strict regulatory requirements. Uneos' Block Storage offers encryption-at-rest, robust access controls, and comprehensive audit trails, ensuring LifeCare's sensitive data is securely stored and HIPAA-compliant.
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Consistent Performance:
With Uneos, LifeCare enjoys consistent, reliable performance, even with their high-intensity workloads. This reliability means medical staff can trust that the images they need will be available and accessible when they're needed most.
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Integrated Disaster Recovery:
The significance of LifeCare's data means any loss could have severe consequences. Uneos' built-in backup and disaster recovery capabilities protect against data loss, giving LifeCare peace of mind.
By integrating Uneos Block Storage into their IT infrastructure, LifeCare has effectively streamlined their medical imaging operations. Not only does this mean more efficient, reliable medical services, but it also provides a solid foundation for LifeCare's ongoing commitment to healthcare excellence.